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Concrete Truth Radio Fri & Sat 10pm-1am

Blazin the Best in Rap, Rhythm & Praise!

Concrete Truth Radio first aired in Sept. of 2008. It was the first leg of a vision that the Lord gave Devon "Chev-Dev Price. Chev-Dev was passionate about the Gospel in this form, because it was this form that aided Dev in his transition to serve the Lord. At one point it was the only church Dev had, and it moved him, and recruited him to serve the Lord. That is why Concrete Truth Radio is without a doubt one of the first building blocks of this entire Ministry!


Concrete Truth Radio has had a wonderful impact on the following stations:


KKFI 90.1 09/08-08/11


Internet Radio 08/11-01/12


107.9 Fountain Radio 01/12-01/13

Praise 95.3 FM 03/14-present

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